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Askel Attorneys-at-law is a modern law firm in Tampere specializing in real property law, business law and family and inheritance law.

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Askel Attorneys-at-law – A Step Ahead

Askel Attorneys-at-law offer services flexibly to small companies and private persons. We have created our own way of working through listening and truly interacting with the client.

Our attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association and thus required to comply in all activities with the law and the Code of Conduct for Attorneys at law.

Our legal services & attorneys

Minna Talsta has gathered more than a decade of experience working as a lawyer. Minna is an expert in business law and she advises e.g. on contract law, company law, legal issues of starting a company, company insolvency, employment law and public procurement matters.

Reetta Pasanen has more than a decade of experience in various legal matters. Reetta’s focus is on real estate and housing law. She gives advice on lease agreement issues and disputes related to the sale and purchase of real property and apartments, especially with problems caused by humidity and mold. Credit and lending issues, securities and claims for damages are among Reetta’s expertise as she has also worked several years in the banking sector. Reetta also has a very good understanding of patient injury matters.

Both our attorneys can help with drafting documents within family and inheritance law, e.g. last wills and testaments, prenuptial agreements, continuing powers of attorney, estate inventories and deeds of partition of an estate.

Minna Talsta

CEO, partner, attorney-at-law, trained on the bench

+358 40 551 9136

Reetta Pasanen

Partner, attorney-at-law, trained on the bench

+358 40 551 9136

Our office is open according to agreement. Please contact us and make an appointment!

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